Working together

‘I am not a fool, I don’t want to pay taxes from my cleaning wages,’ says Junilla. She is looking for work and lives of an unmeployments benefit.For about eighteen months she works for Lili. Usually they work together. They sit and have a coffee and a talk. Later, Lili helps Junilla folding the laundry and cleaning the bathroom, the conversation continues. They speak about the small and the big things in life: holidays, men, children who have grown up and the football supporter who was recently shot by a police officer.

‘If you love legal rights and security, then this is not your job,’ says Junilla. “But I love my freedom. If I don’t feel like working, I don’t do it. Sometimes I am too tired. It is really hard work. If I have to clean two or more houses on one day  I no longer have the energy to clean up my own house.’

Lili did have a legal cleaning lady once. But most people organise this work like Junilla does, they are either ondocumented or work without paying taxes. ‘When I am home a lot, I do it myself. But if my work is more time consuming I am happy to have Junilla’s helping hand.’Lili recently opened her own bookstore. She would love Junilla to work for her more hours a week. Junilla says she will consider it.