Nies Medema Jonge Sla multi media  tel. +31 6 51 98 62 44This project has been supported by- the Sem Presser Fund- the children of Dientje Venema and Jaap Medema and their partners Ans, Ad, Rieks, Cora, Jaap, Paul en Annemiek. And of course my father Piet and mother Corien.- photographer Jutka Rona- my dear interns Jennifer Gonzalez Calderon, Anna Jakobsone and Sanita Lapkase.From Migrant Domestic Workers organizations Coring the los Reyes, Cynthia Ca Abdon-Tellez, Yasmine Soraya, Jille Belisario and Petra Snelders have been most helpful. As have been my friends and colleagues Erica Keller, Grietje Keller, Arnob Chakrabarty and Carlito Parungo, filmmakers Suzanne Raes and Aliona van der Horst and photographers Dayanita Singh, Shahidul Alam and Abir Abdullah.Also thanks to Sarah van Walsum from the University of Amsterdam Migration & Diversity Centre,  Evelyn Schwarz from Wereldhuis.